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Vent Kits

XXXModRods is the world leader when it comes to snowmobile venting technology.

Polaris Pro RMK Vent Kits

XXX makes snowmobile vent kits for most all makes and models of sleds. The vents are made with a high strength cnc cut plastic frame with a very strong, weather proof plastic coated mesh and a second layer of prefilter on all the clutch side vents. These vents have been tested in the worst conditions imaginable.

XXXModRods Vent Kits are all made with cnc cut frames, plastic coated fiber mesh, and a second layer of fine prefilter material on all clutch side vents to keep even the finniest of powder off your clutches.

These vents are very strong and weather proof, you can still ride in thick trees and brush. The material we use is very strong and the plastic frames work the best of all material due to the fact that when you roll over of hit trees they flex with your plastic side panel.

These vents have been tested to the max in most cases you loose around 30% of the under hood heat with our vent kits.  This in return will make your belts last longer, sled run better, and more horse power.


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